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Visit us for pain management and treatment as well as for general wellness.


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With thorough assessments and tailored treatments, Forward Health & Wellness will move your personal Health & Wellness forward. Our approach is grounded in the advanced knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and research. We treat all ages and work along other healthcare professionals for a multidisciplinary approach.

Chigi Cauchon has been a massage therapist since 2007 and has continued since not only to hone her skills but also to incorporate the techniques of other modalities of massage therapy. Chigi uses advanced massage therapy techniques including but not limited to visceral manipulation, muscle energy, counterstrain, cranial, and fascial techniques. At Forward Health and Wellness, she practices osteopathy  and massage therapy with a whole body approach and is able to draw on the inter relationships of the body systems to target the sources of pain and dysfunction. She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy and is a member of the OAO (Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners).

About Us
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The groundwork for all happiness is good health.

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Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on natural therapy that views the individual as a whole unit.


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Massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health


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Eldoa is a method of exercise that is osteopathically based. It helps to align joints through self adjustments.


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The assessment and osteopathic treatment of young babies is important for reaching developmental milestones. 




Chigi Cauchon practices osteopathic manual manipulation with the philosophy that the body is one unit, that the body has what it needs to heal itself once obstructions to its wellspring of health have been cleared, and that the way a body is shaped informs the body how it should move and vice versa. 


At Forward Health and Wellness, we treat back and neck pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain as well as other musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in general. We practice osteopathy with a philosophy of the body as one structural and functional unit with innate healing. Our goal is to allow the body to express its healthiest self.

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